Chris James pours emotional grit and autobiographical experience into his music that is reminiscent of 70’s folk rock and Americana singer-songwriters. Influenced by his rural roots, James takes an honest, no frills approach to the craft, and digs in to tug at the heart strings with lush chord changes and lyrical intensity. His new acoustic EP ‘Heartburn’ features songs that reverberate James’ emotional and rootsy style. Regularly performing with his Americana band The Showdowns, the group lights up dance halls with a signature spirit of original alt-country rock n' roll.

Chris James & The Showdowns have released two full length albums with another one on the way, and songs from their records have been used in TV commercial promos and are still played in rotation on SIRIUS XM Radio as well as various FM stations throughout California and beyond. James has performed hundreds of live shows over the past few years on both coasts as a solo artist, as well as with The Showdowns.

In his early days, Chris James was a budding songwriter writing and performing acoustic songs at campfire outings, parties, and coffee houses in and around the Portland Maine area. Gaining confidence as a performer, he realized that he would have to look to larger cities to become more widely recognized and ventured to San Francisco with not much more than a guitar in tow. Shortly after arriving and weathering the culture shock he formed the rock band Small Change Romeos. After just a few years, the band had built a fairly large Bay Area following and were known for their diverse sound and eclectic but heartfelt songwriting, often ranging from alt rock to heavy country to reggae and blues. They continue to make music and release records...

Chris continues to perform and record regularly and has of late set himself in a producer and engineer role, working with other bands, as well as his own projects in the studio in order to get the 'magic on tape'.

--"James' style of writing is hard to deny as it rings of times and life situations we can all relate to. It's nice to see an artist and band like the Showdowns hold true to Americana roots while still giving you a rock and roll kick in the ass!" -Starita (President of the San Francisco Recording Academy Chapter)

--"James is as captivating a performer as I have seen in some time. His songs are well crafted, his energy on stage is contagious, and the truth in his lyrics is undeniable.” -Ralph Graceffa (Singer Songwriter)

--"Chris is a singer-songwriter with an honest approach and style that really speaks to everyday people..." - J. Bowman (Lead Guitarist for Michael Franti & Spearhead)

2017 – Heartburn                                      (Chris James) EP

2016 - Mystery Sings                                 (Small Change Romeos) LP
2015 - Somewhere Out In California        (Chris James and the Showdowns) LP
2012 - Lucky Breaks                                  (Chris James and the Showdowns) LP
2010 - Fire To Light                                  (Chris James) EP
2007 - Fools Gold                                     (Small Change Romeos) LP
2004 - Long Way From Tomorrow            (Small Change Romeos) LP
2001 - $10 Haircut                                    (Small Change Romeos) LP